Planning a wedding during a pandemic

Planning a wedding is stressful as it is! But, planning a wedding during a pandemic makes the stress 10 times worse. You wake up every morning close to your wedding, not stressing about the wedding related work, but stressing about how many corona patients were discovered today and wondering whether the number would increase by the day of your wedding and praying to all the Gods that it decreases. We were one of those unfortunate couples who had to plan a wedding during the wedding.

We started planning our wedding around 2 years before the special day. Since I prefer doing everything way ahead, I had planned and confirmed all my vendors and designs a year ahead. We had planned an extravagant event for 400 guests. And CORONA the greatest enemy of all of us struck us like a heavy blow at the beginning of 2020! The year that was going to be the most magical for us ended up being the most tragic! We were one of those few unlucky couples who had to end up with taking a wedding for only 50 guests! 50 GUESTS! Not 50 guests for each side but 50 guests together! Which left each of us with 25 guests! I\, still wondering how we managed to reduce a guest list of 400 to 50! We did it! WE somehow did it! And oh by aren’t we glad we had it for the 50 guests without postponing it.

We had amazing people around us to help us and support us at all times. You wouldn’t even believe it if I said that we weren’t even sure whether we were having the wedding until a week before the special day. I was living my worst nightmare of not being prepared way ahead! I’m so glad I got out without having a panic attack!

In this series of posts we will discuss about the things you need to do and follow in order to survive the period of wedding planning.






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