Planning a wedding during the pandemic II

The first few things you need to do as a couple.

Select a list of dates – Discuss with the parents of both sides or the two of you get together and come up with a set of dates that you prefer. You need to at least have 8 to 10 days in your list. Try to choose some dates that are memorable to you. For eg:- The day you two met, the day you started dating, the day he proposed or something down those lines. It will make you wedding date more special (for those who are bad with remembering dates related to special occasions this makes it one less day to remember 🙂 )

Make a rough budget – Make a rough budget with the amounts you expect to spend. This is very helpful in the long run. You can always edit it accordingly and add the prices of your vendors as you go. It is always helpful to know how much you have to spend and you can adjust your finances accordingly.

Select a place for your reception – If you are planning to take your wedding somewhere in Colombo you better book your hall at least a year or two before because all the good dates and places are going to be booked soon. When you are choosing a location keep in mind the following things,
1. Does it fit your budget?
2. Can it accommodate your guest number?
3. Is it a spacious location?
4. Are there beautiful locations to take pictures? (You can take pictures in another location. But taking pictures in the same location will make your lives easy

Choose your vendors – Vendors can make or ruin your special day. Choosing correct vendors that suit your needs is crucial for your special day. Choose vendors who are flexible, reliable, reasonable and work on time. Something that you also need to consider is that you should select vendors who you can always contact at any time of the day. During the process of finding the suitable vendors I met so many that didn’t reply to messages, emails or even answer calls. So keep this in mind! You will need to find vendors for the following tasks,
1. Bridal dress designer
2. Bridesmaids dress designer
3. Groomsman and Bestmen suit designer
4. Salon for bridal party
5. Salon for bridegroom party (optional)
6. Flower decorations
7. Flower bouquets
8. Photography
9. Videography
10. Band / DJ
11. Jewelry (Rings, necklace)
12. Alcohol
13. Invitations and cake boxes
14. Wedding cake and cake structure
15. Vehicles






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