Must have fashions of 2021

Do you feel like you’re out of place in this constant changing world of fashion? Do you only wear a fancy top with jeans every time you hangout? Worry not ladies I have come to your rescue. If you don’t have the following items of clothing in your wardrobe, it’s high time for you to go shopping and upgrade your wardrobe ladies. You deserve to spoil yourselves. 2017 is the year of comfortable fashion trends. And if you’re the type of girl who prefers comfortable clothing like me, this is the year for you.

These are the trending clothing items that every girl must have for the year 2017.

Sexy Shoulders

It’s time to let your shoulders do the talking! Off shoulder tops and dresses are a must have when you are updating your wardrobe. While making you look elegant and stylish they expose the right amount of skin. They come in a variety of beautiful colours and designs depending on how much skin you want to expose.

The type of off shoulder tops that you need to know about :

The straight across 



Subtle exposure

Grace with lace

You might be thinking that lace is so out of style it was the IT fashion a few years ago. But ladies, lace is back in the game. There are a huge variety of lace designs. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different designs and look graceful in lace.

Hippie Overalls

Overalls are such a 70’s thing, but 2017 is the year where a lot of old fashion has resurfaced. Overalls are back and making ladies look sexier than ever. Denim overalls are the trending fashion amongst youngsters these days.

Denim in Distress

Skinny jeans are long gone and we are in the era of ripped jeans. Ripped jeans can you give you a casual or elegant outlook depending on how you like to wear it. It’s comfy and versatile. The perfect look if you wanna look classy and feel comfortable at the same time.

Pencil Skirt

Wanna flaunt your curves? Then, this is the ideal look for you. The pencil skirt makes you look professional while highlighting all the right curves. You can match your pencil skirt with a crop top or a t shirt to look casual or a blouse to look professional.






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