Taco Bell Sri Lanka – Review

Tacos and nachos are some dishes that so many restaurants have tried but failed. So the king of Taco creation has been introduced to Sri Lanka by the world renowned Taco Bell chain.

Address :      36, Horton place, Col 07

Open time :  11.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m

Price range : Rs. 1500 – 2500

Dishes I had

Drinks :      Lime Mojito (Rs. 250)

Mains :        Taco Meal (Rs. 800) and Assorted Platter (Rs. 950)

Desserts :      Chocodila (Rs.200)

Taco Bell lets’s Taco ’bout it

The Taco Bell building was one of a kind and quite impressive. I loved the theme of graffiti which was continued also in the inside of the building. The outside of the building looked incomplete though, i’m not sure whether the brick walls are a part of the creativity or whether the wall was still under construction.

The inside of Taco bell has nice brick walls and a wonderful graffiti wall too. They have gone for a simple homely look. It’s welcoming and nice.

They have this cool chargers on top along with the lights, where you can just pull it down and start charging your phone.


Lime Mojito

Simply amazing! This is probably one of the best Lime Mojitos I have ever had. It’s comparatively cheaper than other places and tastes much better too. The perfect combination of lime and mint leaves were just heavenly. It was the perfect blend. If you are a lime fan you must try the Lime Mojito.


Taco Bell gives you the option of designing your own Taco, Burrito, Quesadilla and Chalupa.

Taco Meal

Taco Meal consists of :

Two tacos (Crispy chicken, Mexican chicken, Fajito chicken, Crispy Fish and Pinto beans)
Fries or nachos
Soft drink

Out of the options of tacos  I went along with Crispy chicken and Mexican chicken.I’m a fries lover so I decided to go with fries and further in the article you’ll see why I didn’t go with nachos. Along with the dish you also get two packets of hot and spicy sauce. Beware! they are super hot, hot like fire.

Fries : The fries were thick. They were seasoned with the correct amount of chilli powder and salt giving it a little bit of a spicy take.

Crispy chicken : A strip of crispy juicy chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise wrapped in a crispy taco was simply heaven. The lettuce were crisp and crunchy with tiny cubes of cheese which added a wonderful flavour. I would have preferred if there was more chicken in this dish. But it was the perfect blend of flavour. The taco biscuit was crispy and broke off perfectly with each bite. If you add the sauce they give along with the dish along with the tac it adds a wonderful spicy flavour.

Mexican chicken : Seasoned Mexican chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise wrapped in a crispy taco was quite nice. It was quite good but I did not love this dish. I felt like there was too much flavour in the Mexican chicken and the taste was over powering. The taco biscuit was again crispy and broke off perfectly with each bite.

Assorted platter

This is the perfect dish to share. This dish is a combination of several items.

Assorted platter consists of :

3 strips of crispy chicken
Cheesy nachos
Fajita Chicken Quesadillas

Crispy chicken : The Crispy chicken strips is the same as the crispy chicken that comes in the Crispy chicken taco. The chicken strips were quite thin but they were crispy and tasted nice. I loved it.

Cheesy nachos : This was simply heavenly. The crispy nachos fused with cheese and diced onions and tomatoes blended so perfectly. I just couldn’t stop eating this.

Fajita Chicken Quesadillas : The Quesadillas were tasty.  But, they were quite thin and the content inside was quite limited. But the infusion of taste in the quesadilla was quite good. Although the quesadilla was supposed to be cheesy I did not taste alot of cheese in this.


The chocodila was a a mini-quesadilla with a chocolate filling that tasted similar to Nutella. It was a good dessert. I liked it. It had a wonderful taste and was totally worth the price. It’s a good dish to have as a dessert.






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